Dear Visitor

In the pages that follow we have tried to give you all the information you might need about our lovely villa and we hope that after visiting this site, you will decide to rent our villa for your holiday.

We know that however beautiful the inside of any house may be, it is the breathtaking location above all that leaves a lasting memory in the minds of all guests. Our environment is outstanding and unique.

An urban setting for a villa cannot do justice to the exceptional natural beauty which Hvar island can offer and so our villa offers the ideal combination of experiences: you have the sea and the woods all around, with the scents of the herbs and the pines with which go to sleep and to wake up to, while being just a few minutes away from the hurly burly of trendy Hvar town.

So while we believe that the villa is truly beautiful inside with touches of luxury that we would not necessarily enjoy at home, it is the exceptional setting which means that our villa can offer the tranquillity and beauty which you cannot find if staying in a populated area.

Our idea of luxury is not to cram the property full of consumer items but to maintain elegant taste and provide the environment in which our guests can experience pleasure and happiness. We feel that staying in our villa on its own beautiful bay is a privileged experience where all the senses can be gratified.

We deliberately don’t provide TVs or sound systems in each of the 6 bedrooms, as we hope you will find more than enough to do on your visit without needing to simply follow your normal routines of home life or stay indoors. However you will find a home cinema and TV system in the attractive inside sitting room if you want to keep in touch with the world or enjoy some home entertainment.

The villa enjoys a very flexible layout, and with its many different relaxation areas, guests can find lots of alternative spots where they can pursue their different interests within the property. We hope you will agree that it is equipped with everything necessary to make a comfortable and relaxing holiday.

Of course photos can help to provide some visual ideas which is why we have included a large number of photos of the villa and its surrounds. But it is obvious that even the best photos do not really give the true and complete picture of the crystal clear sea, the wooded surroundings, the house and the light. Of course if you like what you see and read, you will have to go there and experience the loveliness yourselves.

The cooling breezes that rustle through the woods and blow in from the sea, ensure that the villa is naturally ventilated and the thoughtfully designed building ensures that no part becomes overly warm. We therefore do not require air conditioning to keep the temperatures comfortable for a restful sleep at night, though we do provide bedside fans just in case. Additionally a great benefit of the location is that we are not plagued by mosquitoes which are the bane of most urban locations on the island in the summer.

The booking procedure is quite simple and if you want to make a reservation, please let us know by email and we will send you a booking form. On the island we have a British agent in Hvar town who will help you with any queries and provide you with a key and a more detailed information. But do not hesitate to phone or email us if there is anything you would like to discuss beforehand.

Best Wishes


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