Other information

The house is ideal for families with children, although toddlers must always be supervised. The pebble beach dips gently towards the sea which is shallow for some yards. The sea is generally very calm except when a storm blows up. There is hardly any current in the far reaching bay, and waves merely lap on the edge of the beach while the movement of the tides is barely perceptible. The sea abounds in natural life with shoals of fish but watch out for the sea urchins which are indicators of the purity of the water. It goes without saying that because the sea is unprotected, very young children should not be allowed to approach the sea alone.

There is a great deal of open land where children can play beyond the house, and the sole road nearby is used only by those coming down to the bay and is approached very slowly. Nevertheless it is used, so young children should be warned. They can play under the covered section of the veranda if it rains, and there are acres of open land for them to play in if it does not.

Mobile phones receive a good signal from the villa but there is no landline. It is possible to purchase a local mobile phone pay as you go card which will permit local, long distance and international calls.

Enjoying typical Mediterranean conditions, generally through the spring and early summer the temperature ranges between 20-30 degrees while during the summer months it is generally hot, dry and sunny and and can sometimes go up to 40 degrees.  However, the area is also subject to the local Bora wind and some days can be stormy. If you are prepared with some warmer clothes, these days can be a welcome respite from a very hot sun.

Although most guests will probably want to spend the summer season at the villa, the rest of the year on Hvar is also very pleasant as the weather is very mild and the island  boasts a record number of sunny days in the Adriatic (enjoying 2,718 hours of sunshine each year).  The winter is temperate and since the island is the sunniest spot in Croatia, the weather is more often than not extremely pleasant. 

Staying at the villa outside the main season is wonderful in many ways – with less intense heat, you can enjoy watching birds and identifying their songs, the variety of butterflies and moths, and the great range of wild flowers.  It can continue hot and sunny until the end of October, and some people find the autumn the most agreeable season. Our favourite time is at the beginning of September when the sea is still warm, and the temperatures pleasant. Some guests have found the out of season temperatures a perfect environment for painting the inspiring views. Or else,  you may want to do some mountain biking or gentle strolling, or even indulge yourself with a massage, pedicure or other wellness treats. 

Inside the villa you can be snug with a roaring open fire, and from the many French windows in the sitting room you can enjoy the ever changing seascapes.  The Jacuzzi bath tubs are particularly welcoming during the out of season  months.  And if you can't resist the pull of the sea, then we have a range of wetsuits (but not normally needed between May and October) which will allow you to explore the exquisitely clear sea waters. The winter is very mild and since the island is the sunniest spot in Croatia, enjoying 2,718 hours of sunshine each year, it is pleasant in different sort of way in winter as well.

Natural History
Birds such as the Hoopoe, and the cuckoo are seasonal visitors (binoculars are provided) and butterflies abound. There are also wild boar (locals come hunting though we have never yet seen one!) and there are pine martens with stripey tails, and ferret/weasel type creatures also. As in all Mediterranean areas there are also a variety of gecko/lizards and snakes but these are very shy and tend to keep well out of the way of humans.

Care & Maintenance
A cleaner will have cleaned the villa before you arrive and will also clean the villa each Saturday of your stay and provide a change of sheets. In order to maintain the gardens, a gardener will attend two to three times a week. Electricity is provided but there are occasional power cuts. However power is restored pretty quickly. Water supplies will have been checked. Our friend who acts as our local English agent will help you on arrival and look after any difficulties.