Outside the villa


With so much sunshine in Hvar, it is obvious that most of the time will be spent outside the house and the various patios, verandas, balconies and terraces are perfect for different activities and count as an extension of the house.

While it is perfectly lovely inside the house, it is of course even more lovely outside because the surroundings could not be more beautiful. With the sea straight in front of us, and the craggy woods all around, there is the constant sound of birdsong in the spring and autumn, and the crickets during the summer. The Mediterranean’s special scents of rosemary, sage, basil and oregano all growing wild, fill the air and the gentle lapping sea provides a constant background. As the sun goes down, the silence and stillness are very magical and sunsets are often spectacular.

To allow the pleasure of experiencing all aspects of the villa, we have created a range of spots where the beauty of nature can fully enjoyed

We have created a Yoga Deck made of local Dalmatian pine for those inclined to take advantage of the calm of an early morning or late evening for yoga practice overlooking the green woods.

Alternatively for ultimate peace and and quiet you can retreat to the Sky Deck at the very top of the property on the cliff edge where you get the first of the sun as it rises and also the last of its setting rays

And when you are ready to relax, each is equipped to allow you to enjoy the best of the natural surroundings, with the Yoga Deck’s deep outdoor sofas and their sumptuous cushions perfect for an early evening drink or the Sky Deck’s Balinese wooden deck chairs overlooking the entire bay and out to sea. 

Our very own lemon tree which has gorgeous fruit all round the year is the perfect source for plucking the choicest lemons to crown your cocktail or Pimms or to make your own lemonade. And if you are there in the full season, you could enjoy the freshness of the grapes over the terrace or the figs on the patio.

The Yoga Deck has floor level lighting on the deck as well as wall-mounted lights to create an attractive ambiance and to set the mood for the evening ahead. It is also an ideal spot for a bit of star gazing or from which to listen to the night life around before you finally take yourself off to bed.

The staircases too have discreet lighting to illuminate your way from the ground floor to the bedroom level. The steps and their landings are covered in local Brac white stone, famous the world over and which supplied the façade of the US White House in Washington.

Just by the fig tree there is a lovely little spot for a coffee or a game of chess, cards or backgammon and to bask in the early morning sun.

The main veranda overlooking the sea, has a wooden table and matching chairs to seat 12. Two old grapevines growing over the top of the veranda provide welcome shade and also fruit prolifically. There is also a traditional hand built barbecue/oven in an alcove on the veranda.

There is no doubt that meals eaten outside on the veranda from breakfast to late night dinners and barbeques are somehow more memorable given the magical atmosphere.

Apart from a small holiday cottage below us, and a stone shepherd's hut opposite, we are the only house in the bay, and the nearest cluster of houses is 2 kms away in the next bay or 4 kms away in the village up above.

Twenty yards from the villa is a mooring area for boats, and sun loungers can be positioned here to catch the last of the afternoon sunshine while the pebble beach may be the choice for children. Below the veranda is a large garage storing the sun loungers, and we have left for guests' use, if wanted, snorkeling equipment, rubber dinghy, body surf board, and various fishing nets and a rod (fishing tackle shop in Hvar).