Further Information

The house is particularly suitable for families with  children. We have three children of our own, now grown up, and have over time added facilities to the house - toys, swings etc - with children in view.

There is a great deal of open land where they can play safely, and the only road within a mile is hardly used at all (though it nevertheless is used, so do not be too relaxed with very young children). They can play under the large covered veranda if it rains, and there are acres of open land for them to play in if it does not. A cot, baby's chair that attaches to the table and potty are supplied.


There is a telephone which can receive incoming calls and make outgoing local calls, for which no charge is made. It can also make long distance and international calls with a locally purchased phone card.


Our experience is that through the spring and early summer the weather is about six weeks ahead of England (the cuckoos are prolific at Easter), and it is generally hot, dry and sunny during the summer months. It can continue hot and sunny until the end of October, and some people find the autumn the most agreeable season. However, the area is also subject to the Westerly Atlantic weather which we experience in Britain, and some days can be wet. These days can be a welcome respite from a very hot sun.

Natural History

You may see red squirrels, wild boar and deer. Also several animals of the ferret/stoat/weasel variety (all on the road descending from the house). Birds galore - as well as house martins, wagtails and corn birds, there are jays, owls, buzzards and other hawks, larks and in the springtime armies of cuckoos.

Care & Maintenance

The house will be cleaned before you arrive, and there is a local agent to see you in and look after any difficulties. Electricity is provided, and gas bottles are checked before you arrive.  And if you have requested the sheet serivce sheets will be laid out ready for you.


There is broadband into the house, and wireless Internet.  This is now pretty stable, but even so we don't guarantee it, so don't come assuming it will be available, but it probably will. In any gase there is good 3G and 4G connectivity.