Outside la Nique

If the house is comfortable and charming inside, it is glorious out. Neither the garden nor the fields round about are enclosed, and there is a great feeling of openness and freedom. It really is very beautiful.

The front veranda has a pub style picnic table, screened against the midday sun by a curtain of Virginia creeper. On one side of the house there is a patio  which can be used as an extension of the kitchen, and which leads to the very private and large (40 foot) swimming pool, with ample poolside furniture (sun loungers, deck chairs and a poolside table which seats 12, with chairs to match). There is also a barbecue on the patio. On the other side is another patio which has a fountain, and which gets the early morning sun and is lovely for breakfasts; this also provides welcome shade during the afternoon of a hot and sunny day.

For much of the year the veranda, patios and poolside must be counted as part of the living area. Except in the very worst weather we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner outside, amid wonderful views and birdsong.